Chia Berry Salad

A medley of freshness.

A medley of freshness.

This salad is light and refreshing, and can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Recipe and image from Jeanette’s Healthy Living.


  1. Toss together salad greens, berries, avocado, almond slices and chia seeds.
  2. Squeeze fresh lime juice on top and drizzle some honey on top, as desired.


  • Leafy Salad Greens - 2 cups
  • Mixed Berries - 1 cup
  • Avocado, cubed - 1/2
  • Almonds, Chopped and Toasted - 2 tbsp
  • Chia Seeds - 2 tsp
  • Fresh Lime Juice, as desired -
  • Honey, optional